Wine & Olive Tastings

The Tehama Trail

Located in the fertile Northern Sacramento Valley, Tehama County is host to a diverse and rich eco system which yields some of the finest produce in the world. The Tehama Trail is a journey that begins in Corning, visiting world-class olive and olive oil producers. A short trip to the east finds you in Vina where the Monks of the Abbey of New Clairveaux practice ancient traditions of grape growing and wine making. On the way north to the Volcanic Vineyards of Manton, there are several interesting stops on Hwy 99 worth the stop. After sampling the wines of the slopes of Mt. Lassen, the trail takes you to Historic Downtown Red Bluff where quaint where quaint shoppes and riverfront dining are a way of life.

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Community Businesses Build Beneficial Partnerships

There are several cooperate sponsors, including Rolling Hills Casino and the Tehama County Farm Bureau who initiated, pioneered and organized the efforts of the Tehama Trail, based on this five year business plan. However this project has no ownership – it is a coalition project. Ultimately, the Tehama Trail is an opportunity to market, showcase and promote Tehama County, highlighting its rich heritage of agricultural industry. The long term success will be based on several leaders within this project to continue, revise and further develop the Tehama Trail concept, and activities that surround it.

Olives, Olive Oil and Wine - the three highlighted Ag Products

Tehama County is an agriculturally rich and diverse region of Northern California. Because of its Mediterranean climate, Tehama County is ideally suited for growing olives. Summer temperatures usually exceed 100º Fahrenheit while winter temperatures hover around 40-50º. Olive trees were introduced to Tehama County in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. and in 2001, there were over 5500 productive acres of olives in Tehama County. A large majority of this acreage was harvested for the olive canning industry. The remainder of this acreage was harvested for olive oil production and sold to producers throughout the state, including many in prestigious Napa and Sonoma Counties.

Volcanic Vineyards

The community of Manton lies just below Lassen Volcanic National Park in the heart of a valley formed by thousands of years of volcanic activity. To the east stands Lassen Peak where below lies a massive caldera, the remnant of ancient Mount Tehama. These geological features create the perfect conditions for producing the award winning wines of the Manton Vineyards. At 2,200 feet in elevation, the climate in Manton fuels the growth of some of the finest grapes in the state of California. Gentle breezes sweep down from the slopes of Mt. Lassen through the Manton Valley, providing a mild climate during the hottest months of the year. The cool evening air allows the grapes to mature at a slower pace giving them richer character and flavor. The volcanic soil is that unique feature which gives the vineyards in Manton their distinctive edge. The soils are rich in nutrients, allow excellent drainage, and promote deep root systems.