Chamber International Travel

This initiative is taken to do something new apart from our regular dinners, golf & other get-togethers.  The best part is the tours are being offered to our chamber at unbelievably low prices.  I am confident, likeminded people of commercial background – both members & non-members from our county will not only have fun & great experience but also an opportunity to bond, discuss partnership & alliances and perhaps deliberate on new business ideas over friendly drinks & dinners with fellow travelers.

Islands of Thailand

A 9 Day Tour with Optional Extension to Bangkok for $399

Thailand is very popular right now, partly because in addition to being a fascinating destination, it is also super AFFORDABLE. Our 8-day trip departing on April 21, 2020 is only $1899 from San Francisco on Singapore Airlines! That INCLUDES shuttles to and from Tehama to SFO, airfare and all taxes, transfers from airports in Thailand, 4-star hotels, guided tours and breakfasts.

See some of the most beautiful beaches and islands in Thailand on this unforgettable nine-day tour. Brimmed with pristine beaches, elegant resorts, bustling street markets, stunning views, adventure, and vibrant culture, our 2 nights each at Phuket, Phi Phi, and Krabi journey is a perfect tropical vacation. There are a couple of optional excursions (also very affordable).

And if you have the time, combine extra 3 days to see the capital city of Bangkok and its hustle bustle for additional $399. So, you can basically take a 12-day vacation for mere $2298 (plus whatever you spend on the tour…still, very cheap!).

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